Today I’ll be taking a look at the Cooler Master CM690 II Advanced 3.0 Case. This is not one of their latest cases but seeing its price tag (ranges from 80-90 euro) makes it a interesting buy. Looking at the specs, it offers everything you would expect from a decent case. Cooler Master has been around for a while now and they hit their 20th anniversary this year, the company has remained faithful to its mission, emerging as a world leader in products and services for companies dealing with devices where heat issues must be resolved. Their product line ranges beyond just cooling products, cases and power supplies and even gaming peripherals like keyboards and mouses is included in their line up.

But lets see whats the Cooler Master CM690 II Advancced 3.0 is al about. The box itself is basic and usually not realy important though it is nice to see that Cooler Master take an effort into making sure their product reaches the consumer in a perfect state. The box is black and has all the specs stated on the outside of the box. I must admit that when I got word Cooler Master was sending me this case I totally forgot to check it out upfront so I had no clue what to expect. But the specs on the box revealed it all.



Like I stated before the case itself is very nicely packaged inside the box, in the next shot you can see the inside of the box with the foam concealing the case.

Lets have a look out the full case, read on

General Features
Bundle and Packaging
Value for Money
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  • Quentin Rademaker

    Be sure to post your rating for this product, your opinion of this product is js as important :-)

  • Yazed

    This seems like THE case. gonna get it this week. got more features than the HAF. Just seems perfect for my needs. will update post after sale and installation. great review. specially love the xsata.

    • Quentin Rademaker

      thanx, and yeh am still using it as my main rig and still loving it:-)