As some of you might already know I switched from PC to Mac, a Mac Mini (late 2012) to be exact. Now I must admit it works like a breeze, its not the fastest build but it does not fall short against my old pc setup any anyway. The only thing is that normal audio headset (non usb) doesn’t work. The audio part works but headsets with mic will simply not work, and lets face it if you have a Mac you want to listen to music in the best possible way (thus not using a headset). Now for the microphone part, I’m trying to find a good usb mic so I can continue to make youtube tutorials and of course continue making World of Warcraft videos. If you know any good usb mic’s let me know and i’ll try and take them for a spin:-)

Now on to the unboxing and review of the Creative Inspire T10 2.0 Speakers. The Mac Mini am using doesn’t come with speakers apart from the internal one and that the only minor point the Mac Mini has. After googling about and trying to find a desktop speakers set that would fit my budget I came across the Inspire T10 set from Creative. The cheapest ones I found were 30 euro’s (incl. tax). And of course I did some checking on youtube aswell to see if they were any good. Sadly I did’nt find any good reviews that showed the product in detail nor had a decent sound test, so I decided to take the chance and go with Creatives reputation. Creative is well known for their audio standard with which they build audio products. Allthough the specs are realy low (5watts per speaker) I was kinda hesitated on getting it but seeing my budget I thought “I just want a decent desktop audio setup for now so lets just get it”.

– System Configuration: 2.0 system
– Dimensions: 137.0 x 90.0 x 194.0 mm (5.39 x 3.54 x 7.64 inches)
– Color: Black
– Included Accessories: 1 x 3.5mm cable
– Recommended Usage: Movies / Music
– Connector Type: Aux-In
– Volume Level Control: Yes
– Tone Control: Yes
– Headphones Out: Yes
– Power Output: 5 Watt RMS per channel (2 channels)
– Frequency Response: 80Hz ~ 20kHz
– Design: 2-Driver Design

Here’s the product gallery of the unboxing and the products shot as well:

The Creative Inspire T10 redefines your listening experience. Boasting an elegant stylish look coupled with clear pristine audio, the compact Inspire T10 packs a formidable performance in a two-way speaker design.

Start hearing detail in your music that you have never heard before. High frequency instruments such as strings and cymbals can now be picked out, thanks to the dedicated tweeters. Even seismic drumming can now be felt with the unique BasXPort™ technology which delivers vivid bass effects that can match a speaker system with a subwoofer. Revel in a speaker system without sacrificing performance and extra space.

Get ready for a phenomenal performance that promises more body, balance and a greater naturalness to your music.

Music to match your style
A perfect combination of style and performance, the Inspire T10 is a revolutionary breakaway from traditional speaker design. With a glossy finish augmented by an acoustically slanted front, the Inspire T10 re-introduces desktop speakers in a whole new light, be it for your PC, Mac or MP3.

More music, more detail
Imagine being able to pick up even the soft clamour of a “Ride” cymbal in a slow rock song. With a dedicated tweeter and two-way design, you can fully appreciate performances that are rich in high frequencies, such as those with clarinets and strings.

All bass, less space
The exclusive space-saving BasXPort™ means you don’t really need an additional subwoofer to enjoy deep bass music. Acoustically engineered to enhance the lower midrange, BasXPort channels the sound waves efficiently from the inner chamber to the soundstage. What you get is music that has more weight – without a third box.

Extended listening
The built-in headphone jack and AUX In connector makes it easy to plug in your headphones for private listening, or play music from your MP3 player or any other analog audio devices.
Overall am really happy with these Inspire T10 Speakers from Creative, If you wanna check out the unboxing and sound test review then here’s a video.

So I take it after reading this review and checking the video you know what my opinion is. I would like to hear your thoughts on this product or any other questions you might have, feel free to comment.