Another update is available for the Sony Apha series cameras. This update is suitable for the Sony A7III and the A7RIII

What does this firmware update offer?

Support for ‘SEL400F28GM’ and ‘SEL24F14GM’
Optimization of optical image stabilization and addition of the new image stabilization mode of the lens (mode 3) (SEL400F28GM only).
Function ring (lens) added to the menu.

Note: For the SEL400F28GM lens, the APS-C S35 / full-frame Sel. assigned to the function ring, as well as powerful focus. [Aperture Drive in AF] (Aperture drive in AF) added to the menu.

*When using the “SEL400F28GM” or “SEL24F14GM” lens, the sound volume of the aperture drive is lowered when [Silent priority] is selected. This is useful in recording conditions where camera sound to a minimum. Note that autofocus may work slower if [Silent priority] is selected.

New features:

[AF track Sens] (AF tracking) can be assigned to a customizable button.
When used with the LA-EA3 attachment adapter, all focus areas are supported.

Note: Options added for focus area: Zone, Expand Flexible Spot, and Lock-on AF (AF with lock).
Exposure shift is available during silent shooting when [File Format] is set to [RAW] or [RAW & amp; JPEG] (RAW and JPEG) and [RAW File Type] is set to [Uncompressed].

Other improvements:

Improves the performance and overall stability of the camera.
Better display of the gradation of RAW photos.

Note: Imaging Edge software needs to be updated to take advantage of the improvement in RAW processing.
When shooting with a flash in an environment with flashing light sources, the stability of the lighting is improved.
Improve the management of continuously photographed images as a group.
Refer to the help guide for information on using updated features.
Previous benefits and improvements

The following benefits and improvements are also included in this update
Solves the problem of ‘blinking pixels’ at the bottom of the image during XAVC S 4K recordings (PAL 25p) (depending on the combination of camera settings)
Resolves a problem where the touch screen sometimes does not respond
Improves the overall stability of the camera

The firmware updates downloads:

For the Sony A7III
Update systemsoftware (firmware) version 2.00 (Windows) for ILCE-7M3
Update systemsoftware (firmware) version 2.00 (MacOS) for ILCE-7M3

For the Sony A7RIII
Update systemsoftware (firmware) version 2.00 (Windows) for ILCE-7RM3
Update systemsoftware (firmware) version 2.00 (MacOS) for ILCE-7RM3

You can use both a USB -> micro USB cable or the USB-C connection, an original USB cable is not required (but is recommended).

Given that many people report having problems with the update, I have a number of solutions here …

Problems with updating with MacOS Mojave?
Then check out this video here with the solution 🙂

Problems with updating with MacOS High Sierra (10.13)?
Read here the full instruction.

If you still find problems with updating your Sony Alpha 7 series camera, please leave a message in the comment section and I’ll do my best to get back to you asap 🙂